Welcome to digx GmbH!

We are an independent service provider that can support you in various IT sectors. We help in the area of digital transformation, because this is already well advanced: the digital interaction between human / machine or machine / machine will play a central role for the success of any transformation. Let us tackle this together.

Our fields of application
- Project Management
- Business Analysis
- Requirements Engineering
- Organizational Development

Technical and professional skills
- Digitalisation and business transformation
- Process optimisation
- Document management (input and output management)
- Multi- and Omni-Channel Applications
- Hybrid application solutions
- E-Health: B2B specialist applications, electronic patient record (EPR)
- E-Health: clinical informations systems
- ERP Solutions
- Management / HR (Change)
- System or solution evaluation
- Geoinformatics

About us

We are a small group of experts with many years of professional experience. This allows us to work together in an indiciplinary way and will provide you the requested quality and efficiency.


Philipp Gasser